Ugly Schedule

This is the trouble with schedules. And blogs, to a lesser extent. They don’t lie. And they’re not scared to blow up in your face. When I looked at our initial (unrealistic, naive and extremely aggressive) schedule today, I realised we are supposed to be RC tomorrow. That means, we should have a Release Candidate build ready to be submitted to Apple tomorrow. Duh!


Aside of the fact that it was prepared at a stage when we only had a faint idea of what we wanted to build and absolutely NO knowledge of how the UI would look or what the hydration calculator will entail, this schedule actually looks quite funny now :).

But I must admit, it gave me a much-needed clarity on the broad scope of work and the sequence in which Sunny would approach the development. And that, at the earliest of stages when everything was at best hazy, was like water to a dehydrated body !

Here’s hoping that as Sunny starts building from scratch again (!!!), this will serve as a good baseline to fill up the milestones in our new (hopefully more sensible) schedule.

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