Progress is so exciting ! And nerve- wracking too…

Jan showed what Sini and i think is quite close to how the main screen of the app will look like. It just blows my mind to see how repetitive ideation can consummate into something as wonderful as this UI 🙂 If this looks as good with a hand sketch, i’m salivating at how it will look when Jan has the icons and images photoshopped out and Sunny weaves his magic coding wand to integrate it. Yes, the image in the centre should be that of a (wo)man filled to the appropriate level with water but the way it looks in the sketch now gave us the idea that it could actually be a human image in the shape of a bottle – would be a nice metaphor !

Jan mocked up two modes in the main screen – what he calls the “Sipping Mode” and what I just thought of as the “Gulping Mode”. You can use the former while sipping away from your favourite water bottle and the latter while downing glasses of water. This seems like a really useful distinction because I’d typically fill up my water bottle when i start my day at work and keep drinking from it over time. We need to refine this to take care of how folks refill their water bottles and intelligently nudge them to drink regularly.

Sini walked us through the algorithm and I’m getting more and more amazed at how such a simple thing as the human body’s water requirement could be such a complex science. He is doing a fab job of putting it all together from disparate (sometimes conflicting) sources and making sense of this complicated calculation. There are some decisions we need to nail regarding the boundary conditions and how we handle the edge cases before we can present it in an intelligible format to our doc friend for review.

And of course, it makes me wonder how I’m going to go about taking this awesome product to market… There is so much to do that i don’t know where to begin… I think I’ll go with Srini’s fractal suggestion – 5 mn feet view first, 5k next, up until i have tasks detailed out in 2 hourly chunks. Sometimes it is just too overwhelming to think about the big picture that we are better off taking baby steps in order to make demonstrable progress. And, progress is good. Very good.




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