Purpose of Life

“There’ll be two dates on your tombstone and all your friends will read’em. But all that’s going to matter is the little dash between’em.”

– Kevin Welch

Me: I recently read somewhere that the purpose of our existence is to make life meaningful and memorable. Memorable I can understand, but how the hell am I supposed to make life more “meaningful”?

Myself: By being all that you can be and striving for more… always!

Me: You’re always like this… cryptic and boring!

Myself: I love you too 🙂

Me: Arrgghhh… how do I know what all I can be? I have this ‘thorn in my head’ feeling that I’m not doing justice to my potential, but what can I do?

Myself: Anything

Me: How about “To the moon and back”? or “Space vacation”?

Myself: You know very well that these are technically possible… But I’d suggest you start with a small problem and solve it really well.

Me: That’s about the first good, specific advice you’ve ever given.

Myself: You’re welcome.

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