Dad’s day out

It’s my laaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiife it’s now or never… are you gonna live for ever ????

I jus wanna live when I’m

M: Hello?

S: Hey, wassup

M: Don’t ask… Had such a stressful day.

S: Oh, whatever happened? All ok?

M: Yeah. No. Dad fainted in the middle of the ceremony. He’s ok now. But for a while, I went to hell n back.

S: Oh my God! Why? How?

M: Doc said it was due to the heat. Global Warming $*#@!

S: Heat.. oh !

M: We forgot to take enough water with us. And it was so hot out there. He was feeling uneasy for sometime and suddenly just.. collapsed.

S: Sh**.

M: I got so scared. The only water we had was in the baby’s bottle. Sprinkled it on his face but he didn’t get up. Had to shake him up n empty the bottle on his face. Finally, he came around…

S: Thank God… How’s he now?

M: He’s fine now. More than anything else, it was a scare, that’s all. You tell me, wassup?

S: Hmm… Nothing much… Just toying with a few mobile app ideas, not sure which one to pick up first…

M: Cool.. All the best

S: Thanx ! You take care of dad. Talk to you later.

M: Ok, bye!

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