27 years

The title’s not a typo! I didn’t mean 27 dresses that Star Movies (or is it HBO?!?) has decided to screen atleast once every week. In a sort of reflective, admonishing, satisfied and determined way, it means my age! Well, 22nd May 2009 is when I completed 9862 days (yeah, 27 years including the leaps) on planet earth and almost let out a “Yahooooooo, I’m the king of the world!” shout from atop my building’s terrace! Thanks for that “Happy Birthday” you just sang quietly in the corner of your mind but wishes aside, this time I thought I’d do something I’ve never done before – a birthday resolution !!

A glance through my blog (the timestamps rather!) and you’ll know very well that this guy’s writing is amusing, but he writes only once every few years! Tadaaa – that’s the bedrock of my resolution. When I started writing this blog (Circa 2005), I thought the only problem I had was the starting problem. It’s pretty clear that continuum is also something I struggle with. That’s the animal I’ve decided to attack with this resolution. So here it is:

“Thou shalt publish >= 1 new post every month”

And re-starting with a bang is the new, all-improved “DevilsWorkshop” with a touch of green, a bit about myself and the “@ISB” series – stuff that I wrote over the last one year at the Indian School of Business (scroll below).

For all you skeptics out there, I shall come back to this post same time next year and show 12 additional posts (atleast) of the kind that you’ll would enjoy!

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