Mindless Coincidence ???

atom_structure1Copy of solar_system

Unless you belong to Andromeda (like my friend Neo) or any of her cousins other than the funny-looking spiral White Disc, you’ll recognize from your early school days that the first image is how matter in its tiniest form (arguably, the atom) looks like from the inside. The second one, I’m sure, Neo will immediately identify as a bad drawing of what he saw through his telescope the other day when he swung it towards the edge of that same funny-looking white disc in the sky.

I maybe hallucinating but don’t you think these two images actually look similar? For instance, there is a big ball at the centre and a horde of smaller ones spinning around it. It’s like Hercules standing in the middle and playing Hammer-Throw, but doesn’t wanna let go. (I think the scientist guys call it Centrifugal force or something). Luckily for us and the electrons, He doesn’t feel dizzy too often nor does he get bored of it so we can’t run away from the Merry-go-round. I know what you are saying, that He can’t be at the centre of the Sun and the Atom at the same time. Ok, maybe it’s his great-grandson doing duty there (Sorry about the PJ, couldn’t help it :D).
Neo loves the cyberzoom on his telescope (it’s like an advanced version of our 256X Canon powershot) and decides to zoom into that peculiar blue-green blob. Here’s what he sees:


Neo: Hey Max… what the hell is this? Why is everything rushing into the hole at the centre?
Max: It’s called a Whirlpool Neo. It’s basically a large, swirling body of water produced by ocean tides.
Neo: Hmm… Water is that blue thing on your planet, right? And if I remember from last week’s “Mostly Harmless” class, Ocean is made up of water.
Max: Brilliant !!! Now, why don’t you zoom out a bit and show me what you see?
Neo: Ok, here goes…


Neo: Looks like the same what was that, whirlpool?
Max: No, this is called a cyclone mate. What a whirlpool is to water, a cyclone is to wind.
Neo: I don’t know, they all look the same to me. I remember having seen something like this earlier, wait let me come out of your planetary system(zooming out)…. Whoa, here it is


Now You tell me what this is…
Max: Hmm… I can see a mischievous smirk on your face buddy, this I suppose is the Milky Way and you are trying to tell me that…
Neo: You guys look the same whether I zoom in or out !!!

Maybe this is what Mr.Adams calls “Mindless Coincidence”?? (The Hitchhiker series can be hilarious when you are bored)

Or perhaps, there’s a deeper meaning attached to all this…

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