Rudimental Rumination

What’s the one phenomenon that’s all-pervasive and conspicuously ubiquitous in the world, as we know it today in the early 21st century?
Computers. Now, wasn’t that a sitter? It’s common knowledge that the whole world is now dependent on computers. Thinking laterally, the question that follows is what if all computers in the world stop working? What if the digital world didn’t exist? Well, for starters, I wouldn’t be cluttering this space and you wouldn’t be wasting your time over it.
 The essence of the digital world is 0 and 1 and all our present-day computers swear by them. We keep bettering the existing digital machines and the softwares that rule them. But what if someone builds an analog computer? An amputer, perhaps? Ideally, the amputers must be able to accomplish a lot more than the restricted duo of zero and one on a digiputer (computer sounds better, eh?) and hence be more intelligent machines. And maybe, that someone already exists and is called GOD and WE, are the amputers !!!

Interesting, huh? Then, what about gravity and the thousand different things that were discovered? Maybe, they constitute the tenets of the system into which we are embedded. Just like we kill a digital diskette by formatting it, Death is perhaps, just a complete format of the amputer. And birth, a fresh install. A time tested routine called life. Some amputers maybe found unusable even after a total format and new amputers might be built in such cases.

It’s really a sordid fact that from the moment the foetus is created, we are being programmed into existence. By birth, we are influenced by dogma. We have teachers who teach us what they believe is true, which in turn is what they were made to believe as the truth in their own formative years. We have Laws and Society to make sure we don’t deviate. We walk the path laid by our ancestors. We are taught how to think and made to believe that we are intelligent.

Intelligent we are. We are the ones who defined intelligence and we call ourselves intelligent. How convenient!! We are continuously exploring and understanding the world outside; we have even built a world around us and yet, we haven’t a clue as to how our own mind works. Some intelligence, I must say!!

And then, we have the so-called sixth sense. Whatever happened to the next sense? It’s been a long time since we developed a new one, isn’t it?

Hang on. Maybe, there is a creator sitting outside the world we know and taking his time to build the new range of amputers to succeed the 32 bit chimpanzee and the 64 bit humans. Boy, this sounds like the matrix!!

But then, who created our creator? Is HE a sophisticated version of the amputers we represent? Was this idea of recursion HIS? And how deep does it go? Anyway, those are HIS problems. We have plenty of our own to solve in the first place, so we’ll let HIM handle HIS for the moment atleast.

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