The Image Makeover

Here comes the first blog and it’s gonna be about the latest positive significant change in my life – my image makeover !! Most of us would start off by describing ourselves in the first blog, so I’m gonna be no different. Just a slight variation in the way I’m gonna do it – pictures (not actions!!) speak louder than words (cmon, proverbs are meant to be bent!!). So, here goes:

I wouldn’t call you blind if you think these 2 are distinctly unrelated specimens of the human race, but if that’s ur conclusion, I suggest u take a closer look. It’s ME!! twice over.

The first pic shows how I’ve been looking like for the past 6 years or so, and the second one tells u how I looked a week ago (that was b4 my accident, more abt it later in my next blog). Quite a startling change, I was told by almost everyone of my acquaintances. Lets get into the history behind this change. Obviously, every one of us wants to look good and I’m no different. But guys generally tend to think more than twice before actually spending hard earned money on improving looks (I know the opposite’s true for gals). So, it was not an easy decision to make when I gotto know a style change could leave u poorer by 500 bucks !! The main reason behind my decision to go ahead with this was the sheer lack of interesting events in my life.

But lemme tell u, it was a very tuff decision to shed my mush, given that it had beautified (or so I thot) the thin gap between my nostrils and upper lip admirably for the past so many years. It took me some time to realise that it was indeed me in the mirror and not someone else. It’s been a real long time since I’ve checked myself for such long periods in front of the mirror mirror on the wall !!

So, it wasn’t surprising at all when a friend I met up at the café coffee day in Ispahani Centre refused to recognize me and kept turning around to see if I was waving at someone behind him, when actually his was the last seat. I had to shout his name over the din in the pub and then the flash of recognizance streaked across his face (pardon my English, I’m a software engineer!!).

This wave of surprised faces continued for a week, with each and everyone in my office and friends elsewhere failing to recognize me to start with and then praising my new look J.

I had turned enough heads around in those few days post style change to convince me that it was indeed an investment worth the money.

I know my first blog doesn’t relate much to the title, but I did that deliberately because the reasons behind my title are morose and I dint wanna start off on a sad note.

Now u know how I look, watch out for my next blog to see more of the real ME – the inside of me.

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